About 'Flavorful' Coffee


The Gerhart Coffee Company: Central Pennsylvania's Wholesale Coffee Roaster and Coffee Service Provider for 139 years!

Our roots go all the way back to 1880 when Paul Gerhart started the first roasting facility in Lancaster County. Since then we’ve set a standard of quality by providing the most flavorful cup of coffee to Central PA’s restaurants, cafes, and businesses. We don’t cut corners on bean quality. We don’t standardize our roast profiles to save time. And while we have the largest roasting operation in the area, we’re not content to churn out quantities of coffee that will only sit and age in a warehouse.



An important part of guaranteeing quality is staying in tune with conditions around the world that impact coffee here in Central Pennsylvania. Gerhart became one of the first Fair Trade & Organic Certified Roasters in the area. We’re continually developing direct relationships with Farmers and Coffee Mills Overseas, as well as with Importers here in the US, to ensure that the coffee we love comes from people who care for their environment and their workers and that it is handled with care before it reaches us here in Lancaster.


We see a time in the near future when all coffee served and enjoyed here in Lancaster is roasted fresh in Lancaster, by people who care for quality.

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