Wholesale Coffee Service

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We take great pride in serving out some of the finest restaurants and cafes in Central Pennsylvania and Beyond! 

The Gerhart Coffee Company is committed to maintaining long-lasting business relationships. Many of our customers have been serving Gerhart 'Flavorful' Coffee to their guests for decades- our oldest relationship dates back to 1890.

Establishing a direct relationship with your Coffee Roaster means more control over the quality and freshness of your coffee and fair pricing.

Whether you’re creating a unique dining experience or looking for a Fresh and 'Flavorful' cup of coffee at the office, we love finding solutions for our customers’ needs. Ranging from our tried-and-true Signature Blend (A 100-Year-Old Recipe!) to unique hand-selected, micro-lot, single-origin coffees, We have what you’re looking for!

And we can help with the brewing equipment, too!

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