Running Pump Roasting

Running Pump Roasting Story:
There's a lot that can be said about coffee, but one of the truest ways is that Coffee Builds Community. It comes with its own stories about the land and the people who farmed it. It fosters storytelling: Where have you been and where do you want to go?
The Gerhart Coffee Company is proud to bring you these vibrant coffees, roasted in Central PA exclusively for Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets.
Enjoy it with friends, and share your stories!
From Origin to Your Cup.
We’re continually developing direct relationships with Farmers and Coffee Mills Overseas, as well as with Importers here in the US, to ensure that the coffee we love comes from people who care for their environment and their workers and that it is handled with care before it reaches our warehouse in Lancaster PA.
Flavors to Define the World.
We have an assortment of wonderful flavors, thoughtfully prepared at the whole bean stage. Flavoring the coffee at this stage helps keep the flavors and the beans fresher for longer.