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A LOT of the coffee we roast goes to restaurants, businesses and non-profit organizations around Central PA (and beyond...). In fact we are actually the largest Wholesale Coffee Roaster in the area, and have been for a long time! We love the variety that Wholesale Roasting brings us.  It is extremely rewarding to to see our partners' dreams come to full realization, and humbling to be a part of the journey!

One form that Wholesale Roasting takes is in our Private Label/Fundraiser Program. While some of our partners prefer that we stay behind the scenes, some of the brands and blends that we've helped to create are a Fully-Visible Collaboration.

Take a look at a few of the companies we've worked with recently!


Private Label Coffee

American Music Theatre: Rockin' Roast --

Amelia's Grocery Outlet: Running Pump Roasting --

Hope for the Children: 'HOPE BLEND' Fair Trade Organic --

Issac's Famous Grilled Sandwiches: 'For the Birds' Rainforest Alliance Certified --

JDRF Central PA: 'Speed Walk Blend' --

My Heart to Fear - Band, Solid State Records --

September Farm Cheese: 'Farm House Blend' --

The Strasburg Creamery: 'Our House Blend' --

ABC27 - WHTM: 'Daybreak Blend' --


Fill out our Wholesale Inquiry Form or call us if you're interested in working with us. We'll talk over coffee, our treat!


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