Why We Love Roasting for Restaurants & Cafes

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Flavorful Coffee is all about creating memorable experiences with loved ones. You might be sipping a cup at your desk, or guzzling half gallons during your commute into the office or on long road trips- but honestly, isn't a large part of those habits about transporting ourselves back home or to the cafes and restaurants where we spend time with loved ones?

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The Gerhart Coffee Company's heritage as Central Pennsylvania's first coffee roaster is all about those experiences. Our attention is primarily focused on roasting for restaurants and coffee houses who share our mission. Time with friends and family is elevated and transformed into cherished memories when we gather around a delicious meal in a comfortable setting.

But just as an excellent cup of coffee takes us to the places and people we love, sub-par coffees can remind us of just the opposite, that we're far from home. At Gerhart we want to create coffees that lift the day and refresh our outlook.

We get no greater satisfaction than when we're able partner with a fine quality-oriented restaurant, helping to create a coffee menu and service program that bring outstanding flavor and atmosphere into a dining space.

We recently added a few of our Restaurant & Food Service Tear Packs to our Online Storefront so that you can sample our coffee in your restaurant, with the people whose opinions matter most: your guests!

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information. We would love to help as you consider taking your coffee service to a more 'Flavorful' level!


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